The Contractual Genome Project


HeadquartersNew York, NY, USA
Tagscontracts, analytics, data mining
Target MarketService Providers
Business ModelLegal Tech


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Instant agreements. Anytime. Anyplace.

contracts, documents, mobile, app

Bhavnani Technologies 

We offer a service that provides email and internet privacy and security for households and small businesses. Bhavnani Technologies specializes in creating new and innovative hardware and software. The company's goal is to make cutting edge technology available to consumers and businesses in a way that is cost effective and easy to use. Our first generation of products are focused on improving electronic communication privacy and security.


Contractize INC. 

Contractize helps persons and company to have legal docs easy. Anyone can create, electronic sign, send, receive, manage and store legally-binding documents in seconds. Frictionless.

contracts, digital transaction management, esign


Evichat is a tool for lawyers to efficiently collect, review, redact, and produce fully authenticated social-media and SMS evidence on-demand. Evichat was built with two people in mind, the lawyer, and the client. Our custodian self-collection tool allows clients to submit their social-media communications (Slack, FB Messenger, etc.) without giving up control of their mobile device. Please email us today for a demo: info

analytics, ediscovery, liz, legalx, mars, social media, dmz, collection

Patent Digest 

Patent digest offers artificial Intelligence based services for patent tracking, search and lawyer recommendation.

legal tech, data mining, legal, machine learning, natural language processing, information services, artificial intelligence