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Afriwise NV

Afriwise provides organisations with online access to up-to-date legal, regulatory, risk and business-critical intelligence on African countries, as well as access to the largest community of local experts on the continent. Through a combination of technology and easy-to-navigate Q&As crafted by top local experts, Afriwise created an intelligent, online solution that allows organisations to easily find the answers to their legal, regulatory, compliance and business-related questions in emerging markets anytime, anywhere. Afriwise's unique model means that the information is current, reliable and takes into account the local practice and nuances of each particular country. This enables organisations to remove uncertainty and gain a strategic and competitive advantage in the emerging markets they are active in. In 2019, Afriwise won prestigious prices at the Africa Legal Awards and the Africa Global Funds Awards.


Afriwise is the only online legal application providing access to accurate and actionable legal intelligence for African jurisdictions. The application offers a unique combination of legal practical guidance, primary source material, legal alerts, time-saving tools, market info and news. All legal content is provided and maintained in collaboration with top local law firms and divided into 19 key business categories, such as business structures, employment, commercial contracts and dispute resolution. The platform offers the following benefits • Expert insights: access to insights from local leading practitioners on all key areas of law per country. • Current awareness: stay on top of the latest legal developments through overviews of upcoming changes and automatic alerts in case of change of law. • Tools: access to time-saving tools to research and compare law topics across jurisdictions. • Expert access: direct access to vetted local counsel, which can be filtered on area of expertise and industry knowledge.