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Companies tagged with cyber security


Risk assessment, risk management and compliance platform


Usercentrics is a CCPA and GDPR Consent Management Solution for Enterprises.

Smart Protection

Smart Protection keeps and protects intellectual and industrial property rights online.

Privacy Tools

Privacy compliance platform, based on AI/Blockchain, which helps global companies to keep compliant with the data protection requirements.

Blackmere Consulting

Blackmere Consulting is a leader in Technical Executive Recruiting dedicated to Cybersecurity and Engineering.


Privatica is a customers data management platform, designed to manage customers, leads and visitors data.


Making the Internet a safer place

Bis-Tec Technologies

Bis-Tec provides solution in the fields of computer forensic, E-discovery, cyber, and big data analysis.


Nuix software pinpoints the critical information organizations need to anticipate, detect, and act on cyber security, risk. The Nuix engine is able to process large amounts of unstructured data with market leading efficiency and speed. Nuix is proud to work with more than 1,800 customers in over 70 countries. Their customers include powerful institutions: major financial regulators, law enforcement agencies, global corporations, intelligence agencies, the United Nations, and all leading advisory firms and litigation support vendors.