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The Corporation For Form Reform

Our tool enables self-represented litigants, lawyers and legal professionals by removing the complexity associated with determining which court mandated forms are required in any particular situation, and facilitating the completion of these forms. Incorrectly completed court forms are a common challenge for lawyers, legal professionals, and especially for self-represented litigants. We remedy this by providing our users with a simple, easy to use tool. Our first online tool asks users to respond to simple questions that determine which family law forms will need to be filed with the courts to initiate or respond to family law matters. The questions take a range of scenarios into account, including divorce, child custody and property claims. Based on the user’s response, the tool asks only for the appropriate information the user will need to provide in order to complete the form properly. If a user needs to file multiple forms, the tool autofills answers to questions repeated on subsequent forms. Once the forms are completed, they're available to download or fax. The tool is accompanied by a free guide called Common Sense Guide To Divorce in Ontario. The guide aims to help people better understand and cope with the stress of divorce and separation, giving some support to what is typically an arduous process. Currently, the service is available to users in Ontario, Canada. In 2019 we will be offering the service in US jurisdictions, as well as expanding to other areas of law.

Added Life Value AG

Added Life Value is Germany's first Curated Legal Shopping Company: all information for free, get free advice, your legal coach is 24/7 with you, buy legal products at best prices without having to go to any law firms!

DivorceMate Software

Software for family lawyers


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