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Companies tagged with insurance

Risk Genius

RiskGenius leverages patent pending Policy Analytics technology. Each insurance policy is separated into clauses, which are then categorized based on common industry terminology. Users can then instantly locate key clauses across one or more policies, streamlining the review process.

Compliance Sign

AI and ML tool for compliance, regulatory, and policy operations assisting people and never fully automating.


World's First City Registration Assistant

Legacy Network

Legacy is a blockchain-based application allowing people to easily distribute assets.

Cogneesol Inc.

Looking for an innovative and low-cost outsourcing service provider? Cogneesol is your ideal choice as the company.


ClauseMatch is a SaaS platform for negotiating smarter contracts and collaborating on documents, solving long time problems of lengthy and expensive process of management of documentation and inability to unlock the information contained within contracts and documents.

Legal Automation

Legal Automation is a software company that focuses on providing products intended for Underwriting and Claim Adjustment.


The Contract Platform and learns and grows with your business.


MYFLYRIGHT is a legal technology service company for delayed and cancelled flights.


Searching for an imaginative and minimal expense re-appropriating specialist organization? Centelli is your optimal decision as the organization.