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Click 2 Refund Inc

Click2Refund is a company that specializes in helping air passengers who experience flight disruptions, like delays, cancellations, or being denied boarding, to file compensation claims. They offer a service that guides travelers in understanding their rights and assists them in submitting claims for compensation. Click 2 Refund helps air passengers assert their rights in more than 30 countries by pursuing airlines for compensation When a passenger faces a qualifying flight disruption under applicable regulations, such as the European Union's Regulation 261/2004, Canadian Air Passenger Protection Regulation(SOR/2019-150), Montreal Convention, Israel’s Aviation Services Law, and Turkish Air Passengers Right Regulation. Click2Refund steps in to navigate the claims process. This involves collecting the necessary information, submitting the claim to the airline on behalf of the passenger, and following up to pursue compensation in courts. Click2Refund operates on a no-win, no-fee model, meaning they only charge a fee if they succeed in obtaining compensation for the passenger. The fee is typically a percentage of the compensation amount and varies based on the specific circumstances and jurisdiction. Click2Refund offers a convenient service for passengers seeking compensatiom and Our proprietary artificial intelligence software reviews and analyzes each claim to determine its eligibility which results in a very high success percentage.