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Lexpertease will be a professional services platform mainly covering the corporate legal services like business incorporation, contract drafting and review, transaction support, ip related issues etc. So basically it will be a marketplace providing a wide array of services and also a professional platform for lawyers, CAs and related professionals who can join the lexpertease network and benefit from collaboration and sharing of expertise through lexpertise. We plan to have professionals all across the country. Our idea is to provide easy accessibility to the specialized experts while maintaining a transparent pricing (keep the cost as low as possible) and provide quality professional services. We wanted to have independent professionals working for us as independent contractors and not as our employees, so our idea is to accelerate multiple specialized legal firms without having to worry about generating the business which we plan to take care of. Our major services will be : • Starting your Business (includes incorporation as well as all kinds of approvals and licensing process to assist you to start your business in Nepal • Running your Business (Regular compliances like annual filing, tradermarks registration) • Contracts Drafting and Review Services • Transaction Support (legal due diligence etc.) • Accounting and tax services • Legal trainings (later part) • Free discussion forum where you can post your legal/accounting/tax related queries and get free advice from the experts.