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Companies tagged with legal tech

Alba Software

Alba is a lawtech company that provides integrated management and legal compliance system.

Audley Clarke Solicitors

Audley Clarke specialise in volume litigation in the financial services and other sectors.

InFront Compliance, Inc.

SaaS platform that helps companies close vendor deals faster without sacrificing compliance.

Check in Scan

The most downloaded app for registering your holiday guests for legal compliance. Scan, Sign & Send!

Liscentrum Capital

Liscentrum Capital is a financial corporation investing in exclusively in litigation and arbitration.

CCPA Toll Free

CCPA Toll Free makes Simple Privacy. Manage CCPA and GDPR Requests. Meet Deadlines. Track Compliance.

Curtin & Heefner

Curtin & Heefner is a law firm that provides environmental, litigation, employment and labor services.

SEC Intelligence Inc.

SEC Intelligence turns the unstructured content of the SEC filings into poweful and usable information


DealMaker is a cloud-based platform that drastically eliminates friction in the capital-raising process.


Metricson is a law firm expert that provides comprehensive legal services to tech and innovative companies.