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Companies tagged with legal tech

Compliance Sign

AI and ML tool for compliance, regulatory, and policy operations assisting people and never fully automating.

Ascent Technologies Inc.

Ascent provides a cloud-based platform that helps financial services firms to keep their businesses compliant.

Pope mcglamry

Pope McGlamry is a Georgia-based civil litigation law firm committed to excellent legal representation and counsel.

Management Solutions Consulting

Management Solutions Consulting is an international consulting firm whose core mission is to deliver advisory services.

Disputec PeaceMaker

Disputec PeaceMaker provides technological tools for litigations, legal advice, and arbitrations in the branches of law.

LCM Finance

LCM Finance specialize in providing litigation finance for companies and individuals for recovery of funds for legal claims.

Berlin Patten Ebling

Berlin Patten Ebling is a full service transactional and litigation firm, focusing primarily on real estate related matters.

Lucius Report

Lucius Report is a legal technological tool that generates due diligence reports of individuals and corporations with activities.


Alfavit offers verbal, website, medical, technical translation, legalization, documents apostilization, and notarization services.

Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology

Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures and markets optic cables, optic fibers, electric cable materials and accessories.