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We are building a marketplace of ligal services with built-in practice management software.

MyLegalCoverage, Inc. (MLC)

MyLegalCoverage is an on-demand recruitment marketplace for legal coverage and legal careers.


Expertily is a legal network that connects lawyers to clients and expand the practice online.

Lexoo Ltd

Lexoo is a lawyer comparison marketplace that helps businesses choose a lawyer with confidence.


Easyoffer is a marketplace that serves as the meeting point for lawyers, accountants and clients.


MainLaws is an online marketplace that utilizes technology to make legal services more accessible.


Linte helps companies to lower expenses with lawsuits using document assembly and marketplace tools.


DadPardaz is an online two-sided marketplace which connects lawyers to clients who need legal services.

JustVice, Inc.

JustVice is a legal advice platform making legal advice accessible, immediate, and affordable for everyone.


Avvo is a legal marketplace, directory, and question and answer forum that connects individuals with lawyers.