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XCLAIM revolutionizes the bankruptcy claims market by introducing digital efficiencies of scale.

MUST Platform

International marketplace of assets and financial instruments for SME and the platform of collateral and asset management


Gavel is no-code document automation software allowing you to turn template documents, forms, and document sets into intelligent workflows, saving 90% of drafting time. Set up simple automations in minutes, and shave hours off lengthy document drafting. We accommodate complex logic, calculations, and custom formatting, so your documents are generated quickly and error-free every time. Gavel was created for legal documents, but has expanded into sales, real estate, and banking to create efficiency and cost savings through collaborative workflows. Try out the future of documents at


LawHero is a web application that connects people who need legal advice, with lawyers for a virtual consultation at affordable prices.


Legal services marketplace


The smart way to choose lawyer

Law Scout

Hiring fixed-fee lawyers who work online


Sourcing and receiving quotes for lawyers

Kabuk Law

Lawyer discovery and appointment scheduling

MyAdvo TechServe

MyAdvo is an online marketplace for lawyers and legal services.