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Will 2 Click

Mobile App

Check in Scan

The most downloaded app for registering your holiday guests for legal compliance. Scan, Sign & Send!

Cogneesol Inc.

Looking for an innovative and low-cost outsourcing service provider? Cogneesol is your ideal choice as the company.


Cited offers a mobile app that allows users to submit parking citations to be contested by Cited's team of representatives.


Chekin is the new standard to Check-in Guests. We digitalize guest registration to offer frictionless check-in to the tourism industry.


Legalswipe informs people of their rights during interactions with police.


LexMeet is a mobile app that provides legal advice to its client's legal problems.


1LAW is a mobile application that offers information about the law and provides help through lawyers.


VoiLaw is a mobile application that provides a guide to the laws of the 50 states in an easy-to-understand and concise format.


P2P Legal Agreements, Payments & General Freelancer Tools