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Arbtrato- Arbitragem Online

A ARBTRATO - Arbitragem Online arose from the need to offer a service that solves the leaders quickly and efficiently. Considering that it involves or involves judicial proceedings, it is necessary to move to visão and seek to dejudicialize two conflicts.


CourtCorrect tells you what's in all the terms and conditions and contracts you just accept.


eConciliador ( is a global software company that provides a fully automated online negotiation platform that leverages Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to allow users to negotiate and settle legal claims, debt collection and other customer service disputes 24/7, 365 days of the year.


Immediation utilises the depth of expertise within the Australian legal and ADR profession to assist in the resolution of appropriate disputes. Their independent panel of over 90 professionals can help resolve disputes on their online dispute resolution platform, via mediation, determination, evaluation and arbitration

Demander Justice

Demander Justice is an online platform to file a complaint, avoiding costly lawyers' fees.


We replace small claims court with online arbitration for <$5-10K legal claims. In doing so we provide our customers with a quicker/better alternative to small claims court.


The legally binding alternative to Small Claims Court


Justice Box offers a platform that offers online dispute resolution services.


The Fairness Engine for the Internet


Brāv trains anyone in conflict management who in turn manage the conflicts of others directly on the site.