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WibniLabs helps service-focused organizations use design thinking to cost-effectively capture, conceptualize and carry out innovative ideas.


We've developed an easy SaaS solution for the legal market - called advocado connect. In addition to our intermediation service between lawyers and clients advocado furthermore provides a stable and secure virtual-chancellery for its lawyers to communicate with their clients since 2014. Since then within short time advocado became one of the leading marketplaces for high-quality digital legal services at fixed prices. Within the next two years advocado seeks to become the biggest marketplace for legal services in Europe.


Family law matter management


Practice management software

Align Matters

GPS For Legal


Virtual data room SaaS


Billable hours time-tracking app


Software for immigration law practices

Neota Logic

Neota Logic develops an artificial intelligence software platform for legal and compliance sectors.

XRef Software Solutions

XRef was created to bring the benefits of technology to the world of legal drafting and is intended to assist law firms.