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Companies in the Legal Research category


Using a combination of AI and human intervention, Vable helps information specialists across all sectors manage and aggregate content so end-users receive the information they need to carry out their jobs.


LexisNexis is a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions designed specifically for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting, and academic markets.


DroidLaw is an Android-based application that serves as a one-stop-shop utility for legal reference materials. It was developed by BigTwit Software, a firm that provides mobile software development and consultation services.


SubroFlash is a start up which offers web based subscription access to a comprehensive record of subrogation data claim information specifically designed to provide accurate subrogation collection data to all parties of a personal injury claim.


Using public databases & big data magic, we are doing an ultimate B2B information source about companies most crucial for your business in a form of single feed. It something like Facebook but with your customers (or competitors) instead of friends.

Stanford Securities Litigation Analytics

Explore a database of over 2700 federal securities class actions filed since January 1, 2000. Read the specifics of a particular case, or query the entire database across over 40 filters with aggregate statistics and interactive data visualizations as the result.

Legis Informaci├│n y Soluciones

Legis is a solutions provider focus on products in the areas of law, accounting and foreign trade. Legis portfolio includes a platform for legal information research (Legis Xperta), a practice management software (Legisoffice), and a platform for the analysis of case law (Legis analytics).

Hubbard One

In August 2012, Thomson Reuters announced its decision to sell the interactive web portion of the Hubbard One unit to the group's existing management, which is now One North Interactive. The remaining products have been realigned in the Thomson Reuters portfolio. The Hubbard One brand has been retired.


We're currently readying the launch of our SaaS platform Ipselex. Based on algorithms developed over the last 4 years involving natural language processing and true 'deep learning', Ipselex automates patent search, infringement and validity analysis, analytics and benchmarking, and application preparation.

Metidice SAS

Metidice is a legal search engine focused on the OHADA area with the objective of aggregating all law-related documentation on a single platform in order to create a new Google of Law in the area. Metidice's algorithm will not be similar to Google's in the presentation of results since it will be the collaborative work of legal and computer engineers.