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Companies in the Legal Research category


Bestlaw adds features to Westlaw and Lexis to make legal research faster and easier.

DP-O Internet GmbH

Advolist connects people and lawyers. We are an Austrian start-up in the legal-tech area.


When things are just important, we help legal professionals to get to the heart of matter.


Casetext is an AI legal research technology for litigators, helping researchers find cases.

openlaws gmbh

Openlaws is a legal information system with features for personalization and visualization.


Bisnode is an European Data & Analytics company that enables people to make smart decisions.

Push Legal

Bridge US makes immigration effortless and revolutionizes the broken US immigration process.


ROSS is an A.I. lawyer that helps human lawyers research faster and focus on advising clients.


Deftr automates the entire process—enabling the user to build a chart effectively and quickly.


LegitQuest is a legal-tech company that operates a legal research platform with Indian case laws.