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Legalicity is the maker of NLPatent, an online tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to evaluate the patentability of new ideas. Our goal is to predict the success of patent applications, thereby reducing the uncertainty and the cost involved in seeking patent protection. There are over 3,000,000 patent applications filed each year around the world, and that number is growing. But many of these applications are rejected, often because the proposed invention is too similar to existing technology. That means a lot of resources are wasted on unsuccessful applications, since getting a patent is very costly and time-consuming. NLPatent uses state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to evaluate the patentability of new ideas. This helps companies and inventors decide whether an invention is worth pursuing. Sign up for a free trial of NLPatent at

Finding the detail in a contract need not be painful, costly or time consuming. Understanding your contract minimizes business risk and provides exceptional efficiencies. Beagle™ sniffs out the fine print, so you don’t have to.™ Beagle is a productivity tool that analyzes contracts and presents key information in a clear and interactive way. Through highly sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) methods, Beagle can read a contract and within seconds highlight what you need to know. The responsibilities, liabilities, how to terminate, and more! Our market on ramp is SME's, 50 employees and less. Finance executives and senior leaders will be targeted. Reading contracts is not their core responsibility, but they are often tasked with it because they are the end decision makers. It takes time and resources to understand these contracts. Beagle provides an excellent return on time (ROT), at a negligible lost opportunity cost (LOC).


Ringtail eDiscovery software delivers a unique visual approach to eDiscovery—from early case assessments and investigations to document review and trial preparation—that enable organizations to master the details of any legal matter. Ringtail visual analytics assist analysts in early case assessments, investigations and enforcement actions where they are not sure what they are looking for at the outset With more than 50,000 users around the globe, Ringtail is the eDiscovery software the world’s law firms, corporations, and government agencies turn to for trusted performance and results. Key features include: - Document Mapping (patented content clustering and interactive visualisation) - Cubes (interactive pivot tables) - Social network mapping - Email threading - Financial transaction network analysis - Phone log network analysis - Predictive coding and continuous active learning Ringtail’s review platform has been rated #1 by Gartner, especially in complex eDiscovery and cross-border cases


Tax reporting and compliance solutions for all digital assets.


Logwise is an independent and entrepreneurial fintech company.

Emérita Legal

En Emérita Legal combinamos la BigData judicial con la Inteligencia Artificial para proporcionar una ventaja clave a abogados y usuarios de servicios legales. A través de nuestra herramienta de Analítica Judicial avanzada extraemos datos no disponibles hasta ahora sobre abogados, jueces, partes y de las áreas del derecho en sí, procedentes del análisis de millones de resoluciones judiciales. Con Emérita Legal los profesionales y los usuarios pueden, por primera vez, tomar sus decisiones legales basándose en datos objetivos, y no en opiniones. Proporcionamos a los usuarios de servicios legales información objetiva sobre la que basar sus decisiones en la contratación de abogados, un aspecto crítico para el éxito de sus demandas judiciales. Al mismo tiempo, proporcionamos a los abogados una diferenciación ganada, y no pagada, derivada de su trayectoria profesional, así como información que les permite optimizar la toma de decisiones estratégicas en sus procesos judiciales y de negocio, haciéndolos más eficaces y competitivos.

Justly, Inc.

Justly offers legal business solutions that enhance the value of attorney-client relationships. Our cumulative offering is built atop a comprehensive and current litigation database covering 6M+ cases spanning 10+ years from 2,000+ state and federal courts. We offer the only solution connecting firm experience to client- and matter-level insights needed to optimize firms' business for profitability, competitiveness and client-value. We drastically speed up matter management operations by offering a standard case assessment for any U.S. litigation matter and we vastly improve any firm's RFP responses. Ours will be the most accessible and flexible legal data source on the market and we are already working with those who might someday build their own apps on our platform. Our platform offers easy access to a collection of analytics tools that enhance law firm profitability and competitiveness and support service model innovation: 1) Timeline analytics - Advanced analytics for matter scoping, structuring fee arrangements and setting matter-level budgets. 2) Clients & Prospects - Matter-level insights aggregated to deliver a comprehensive and detailed view of any company's litigation portfolio or personal caseload. 3) Firm Reports - Insights derived from the firm's historical docket right out the box for unprecedented experience management integration and data blending (now for US state and federal litigation only). Finally, since our insights are derived form public data, our product comes with no onboarding costs for firms. Businesses run on data. With Justly so do law firms.


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