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Companies tagged with information services


Legitimo is specifically designed to legally protect people that live in primarily cash-based or Hispanic communities.


Avvoka enables businesses to automatically generate, track, e-sign, and store their standard-form legal contracts online.

LegalFAB Private Limited

LegalFAB facilitates the creation of decentralised identity for e-authentication, collaboration and trusted transactions.


DocsCorp designs easy-to-use software and services for document professionals who use enterprise content management systems.

Patent Bots LLC

Patent Bots provides essential tools for patent prosecution including automated patent proofreading and examiner statistics.


LawHawk is for lawyers and procurement specialists that want to prepare great legal and procurement documents as fast as possible


MediaRebel is a video deposition platform that allows the user to increase their ability to effectively manage witness testimony.


Legalswipe informs people of their rights during interactions with police.


NuLawLab is an interdisciplinary innovation laboratory working for legal empowerment.


LawSpot is a free online legal information service that makes law more accessible to all.