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Companies tagged with information services


Infolegale provides a legal information platform to monitor company solvency.

Karnov Group Denmark A/S

Karnov Group is a Denmark-based provider of online legal professional information.

openlaws gmbh

Openlaws is a legal information system with features for personalization and visualization.


Bisnode is an European Data & Analytics company that enables people to make smart decisions.


Lawsnote is a search engine that uses new technology to provide users with a new search experience.


VisionClerk is an intelligent legal research platform that offers unprecedented research efficiency.


Midatadin is a comprehensive database of court statistics that identifies the non-content related data.

Weblaw AG

Weblaw offers a wide range of market information, scientific knowledge and services for all legal needs.

Orbital Witness

Orbital Witness aggregates geospatial, property, and legal data from diverse sources to provide an unprecedented view of legal risk..


Briefmine is a database of legal briefs powered by natural-language search that offers a technologically advanced platform for conducting.