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LawZam is a nationwide network of attorneys providing online legal consultations


LegalYou is an online resource where all you need for your case is in one place.


CitizenshipWorks is a free online service that helps you apply for citizenship, step-by-step.


Expertily is a legal network that connects lawyers to clients and expand the practice online.

Lexoo Ltd

Lexoo is a lawyer comparison marketplace that helps businesses choose a lawyer with confidence.

EasyLaw is a bot that automatically extracts legal information for contract analysis & drafting.

Otica is a LegalTech platform designed to help legal professionals share and monetize their knowledge.

FIRM24 is a one-stop-shop for digital SMEs that provides a total solution for administrative and legal requirements.

Hotspot Law

Hotspot Law allows consumers to book a free phone consultation with highly-rated attorneys in their area, instantly.

Crowd & Co.

Crowd & Co helps professional services operators connect, engage, collaborate, and do business in the digital economy.