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Companies in the Practice Management category

Lawcunae Infomation Solutions

Lawcunae Infomation Solutions is an end to end legal semantic search and case management portal.

Candor Consulting

Candor Consulting provides a custom solution for each client and is there to guide organizations.

Edgar Law Firm

Edgar Law Firm is a legal tech company that specializes in one-on-one attention with an attorney.

Środkowopomorska Rada Naczelnej Organizacji; Technicznej

Środkowopomorska offers training and courses for personal data protection and public procurement.

Neota Logic

Neota Logic develops an artificial intelligence software platform for legal and compliance sectors.

Virtual Legal

Virtual Legal is a law firm which manages commercial and property-related legal transactions online.


Intelllex helps law firms unlock insights from their dormant data and discover what they really know.

Zero Email

Zero is an email client engineered from the ground up for the specialized, exactly needs of attorneys.


Notificami tracks all files active in the GdP, court and court of appeal and communicates any change.


Arbitrate is a legal startup, founded with the purpose of solving the delay in the trial of processes.