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Arrest SOS

The App That Gets You Out Of Jail.


The fastest, easiest way to do contracts.


Instant agreements. Anytime. Anyplace.


The easiest way to fix a parking ticket.


Legal education app for criminal law


Automated contracts in Spanish


Create, Sign, and Send legally binding agreements on your phone.


A full-featured application for working with contracts. Only for Mac.

Legal Robot

Legal Robot uses Artificial Intelligence to make legal documents less painful for everyone and improve Access to Justice. Consumers can use our iOS or Android app to understand legal language. Businesses can expedite their sales and procurement pipelines. Attorneys can focus on what matters.

Leading spanish marketplace for lawyers. Automatized action bidding system for lawyers and law firms to generate new customers. elAbogado is a legal marketplace that generates clients for lawyers, and help individuals and business to find the right lawyers.