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Companies tagged with artificial intelligence


Someturva offers free legal help for users of social media and other online platforms.

Vaultedge Software

Vaultedge is a legal tech company that helps law firms organize and find documents easier.


Valire is a software solution company that specializes in the field of artificial intelligence.


SpotDraft develops an artificial intelligence-powered platform to draft and execute legal contracts.


Pensieve is an AI-based legal research platform that helps users draft, review, and analyze legal documents.


Lawgarithm is an innovative company that offers software that uses artificial intelligence to address contracts.

Patent Digest

Patent digest offers artificial Intelligence based services for patent tracking, search and lawyer recommendation.


LexCheck uses computational linguistics technology to help improve the preparation of legal documents and other literature.


Specifio is legal technology company that automates patent applications using artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Litigation Master

Litigation Master is an AI startup that developed software with contextual analysis to review legal documents and financial statements.