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Casetext is an AI legal research technology for litigators, helping researchers find cases. is a chatbot that uses a patent pending technique, called Wakili Logic™ enabling it to process Point In Time statute Accuracy (PITIA) leaving you confident that the legislation you are applying is up to date. Wakili means 'Lawyer' and pitia means 'pass through' in Swahili. Lawyers need that extra, high level layer of confidence that the laws relied in their opinions, submissions or judgments are up-to date.


Contract Review Platform


The smart way to choose lawyer


The Augmented Intelligence Agency


MikeLegal is Asia’s first Artificially Intelligent legal associate.


Is a web-based platform that improves access to criminal justice in the England


The first app to optimize front-line business communications and contracts across all channels.

Otica is a LegalTech platform designed to help legal professionals share and monetize their knowledge.

Zfusion Tech

Zfusion Tech provides an end-to-end solution to determine the services needed by customers efficiently.