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Companies tagged with artificial intelligence

RAVN Systems

RAVN Systems are experts in Artificial Intelligence, next generation Enterprise Search, Graph Search and Knowledge Management solutions. Their revolutionary technology allows firms to drive radical changes through the intelligent adoption and application of technology. Discover how our revolutionary technologies can improve margins, mitigate risk and ensure compliance with data retention policies.

Compliance Sign

AI and ML tool for compliance, regulatory, and policy operations assisting people and never fully automating.

Planet Data

Contract Analysis with AI


World's First City Registration Assistant

Mystacks, Inc.

A.I. document drafting assistant for lawyers.


Thinking Software - Innovative Human-Computer Productivity


Advobot is an A.I. chatbot for automating legal documents.

PatentPal Inc.

PatentPal is a professional drafting tool for patent attorneys and agents.

AOS Korea

AOS Korea provides legal tech, AI chatbot and intelligent cloud backup services.


RovBOT is a tool to help international students with their Canadian visa process.