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Companies tagged with business development


Avvo is a legal marketplace, directory, and question and answer forum that connects individuals with lawyers. is an automatic generation Internet platform that manages legal documents and links with lawyers.

FIRM24 is a one-stop-shop for digital SMEs that provides a total solution for administrative and legal requirements.


EMinutes is a law firm that form loan outs, production companies, and other business entities for the entertainment industry.

About Innovation

About Innovation is an intelligent and collaborative solution that supports businesses in the life cycle of its IP portfolio.


ZICO Law is a network of independent local law firms that provide value-added legal services for organizations and individuals to succeed.

Leading spanish marketplace for lawyers. Automatized action bidding system for lawyers and law firms to generate new customers. elAbogado is a legal marketplace that generates clients for lawyers, and help individuals and business to find the right lawyers.


Lawcadia interfaces with in-house legal teams and law firms to capture data and manage external legal spend.

The Time Billing

The Time Billing is a software firm that provides services to lawyers and law firms.


Caseflow restructures the way legal businesses work, focusing on personal injury lawyers in the first step.