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Companies tagged with deep learning

SpeedLegal, Inc.

SpeedLegal helps legal professionals review complicated contracts in a few minutes instead of a few hours. We use a set of machine learning tools to extract useful data from bulk-uploaded contracts so users can focus on the parts that require more attention. We allow our users to reduce 75% of the cost of legal review and avoid making mistakes so they can make more deals. Our users have higher ROIs on the document review process compared to those who are not using SpeedLegal's red-flag analysis and summary report features.

Patentmark, Inc.

Patentmark automatically compares patent claim elements to specification text, potential prior art references, or evidence of use, allowing users to review claims and corresponding disclosures, side-by-side, and quickly prepare claim charts ready for colleagues, examiners, or judges.

CodeLex (Phase I)

A sentiment-based court decision prediction system.

Legal Labs

We are the most specialized startup in artificial intelligence applied to law in Brazil. We take part in public and private projects. We like to look the gaps in the legal area in overall as opportunities. This is part of the Legal Labs DNA. Because of that we initiated AI application in Courts - an excellent form of delivering efficiency to processes and, so, making our contribution for a better country. We have the great honor to represent internationally the advance in artificial intelligence in Brazil: we were recognized by Intel International as AI BUILDERS.


Moodul is developing AI-based support tools for lawyers integrated with Microsoft Word, specialised in text analysis.