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Companies tagged with natural language processing

ipQuants AG

Innovation Analytics, Big Data, Legal Analytics

Legal Labs

Legal Labs is a startup that specializes in artificial intelligence applied to the law.


A Thai LegalTech startup specializing in legal information retrieval, analytics, and NLP.

Compliance Sign

AI and ML tool for compliance, regulatory, and policy operations assisting people and never fully automating.


Legal Tech

PatentPal Inc.

PatentPal is a professional drafting tool for patent attorneys and agents.


Pensieve is an AI-based legal research platform that helps users draft, review, and analyze legal documents.

Patent Digest

Patent digest offers artificial Intelligence based services for patent tracking, search and lawyer recommendation.


LexCheck uses computational linguistics technology to help improve the preparation of legal documents and other literature.


Providing lawyers with a platform that seamlessly leverages and embeds organizational knowledge into the contract drafting process.