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Specifio is legal technology company that automates patent applications using artificial intelligence and natural language processing.


Klarity uses Artificial Intelligence to review sales contracts under your company legal policy. Klarity pulls contracts from your emails and databases and returns them reviewed in a Word format with annotations and redlines along with a summary. Your company experiences accelerated sales and higher compliance without having to think of contract review anymore. Klarity was founded by Andrew Antos, a Harvard lawyer with experience from BigLaw, and Nischal Nadhamuni, a MIT Computer Science graduate with background in Artificial Intelligence. You can read Klarity's full story here and here.


BookLawyer is a legal research platform, with tools that deliver more relevant search results, faster.


Briefmine is a database of legal briefs powered by natural-language search that offers a technologically advanced platform for conducting.’s offers AI-based natural language understanding solutions built on technology inspired by Neuroscience


Artificial Intelligence


Summarizing Everyday Communication


FMeasure provides artificial intelligence based services for merger and acquisition, corporate analytics and risk analysis.


Legal Edison is a research tool that helps professionals, students, and individuals automatically summarize case law and generate legal citations.

Case Law Analytics

Case Law Analytics builds probabilistics models to create legal research and analytics software for professionals.