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SeRiouS is a web app that allows law students and bar preppers to learn nearly 4x as much in half the time using a scientifically-proven learning algorithm and professor-created content.


We are an interdisciplinary innovation laboratory working to imagine, design, test, and implement pioneering approaches to legal empowerment.

Law Genius

Law Genius uses the Genius platform to make law more accessible and engaging, not just for lawyers and law students, but for everyone.


LawSpot is a free online legal service. If you are a New Zealander with a legal problem or a question about New Zealand law, we are your first port of call!

Code for America

We help government deliver services to the public better using the tools and practices of the digital age. And we organize a network of people dedicated to spreading these practices in government for the benefit of all Americans.


For lawyers in private practice, corporate counsel, businesses, organizations, and government, we have a powerful subscriber edition built around our fully explorable law practice problem solving environment and intellectual capital system, Laugment.TM It's an advanced lawyer augmentation system. Laugment provides advanced, easy-to-use law practice thinking architecture via your desktop or handheld device browser.


Nyaaya is India's first legal-tech and legal-education non-profit. Nyaaya uses a legislative mark-up language, Akoma Ntoso in capturing and managing federal and state level laws of India. It also uses technology and design principles in developing simple language explainers and guides for a wide variety of Indian laws.

Airport Lawyer

Airport Lawyer provides a bridge from immigrant communities to volunteer lawyers, to provide lawyers with real time data on when their services are needed at U.S. airports.

Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction

CALI is a nonprofit consortium of over 200 US law schools that works at the intersection of legal education, technology and access to justice. CALI publishes over 1000 web-based tutorials in 40 different legal subject areas used by law faculty and students to learn the law. CALI publishes ecasebooks under Creative Commons license that are free & open alternatives to expensive and closed traditional casebooks. CALI developed A2J Author which is used by legal aid attorneys, courts and law schools to automate legal forms for practice and SRLs (self representing litigants). A2J Author has been used over 3.5 million times. www