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Companies in the Legal Research category

Droits Quotidiens

Droits Quotidiens is a database of legal information sheets written in plain language. Based on citizens's daily life, it deals with every legal encounters a person can have (family, housing, work, health, money, tax, justice, etc.). We provide a clear legal information. To understand legislation is the right of all ! In that way, we are convinced that plain language is the best way to fight the obscurantism of legal terms. We also provide different services for citizens, social workers, legal workers, jurists and lawyers such as document automation, trainings and so on.


INTELLLEX has two main engines in helping a law firm manage its intellectual capital and knowledge more effectively - a flexible information infrastructure and a search engine which understands the law. Our aim is to help law firms build up their own knowledge bank with a modern knowledge management solution. We combine (1) digitizing data, (2) collaborative building up of content from lawyers in the firm, (3) accessing those important precedent and knowledge as well as (4) cases and commentaries from common law jurisdictions, with (5) a focus on UI and UX.

Patentfield Inc.

Patentfield is a sophisticated patent search and analysis platform that helps corporations, law firms, inventors and entrepreneurs research or leverage intellectual property for their competitive advantage using big data analytics and AI. The platform is designed for newcomers as well as experienced IP practitioners so anyone can explore and analyze patents using Semantic Search, Data visualization, Patent Scoring, Patent Ranking, Citation Analysis based on AI, machine learning, and more various latest informatics technologies.

LeReTo | Legal Research Tool

LeReTo automates legal research by connecting sources cited in documents with different content databases, including laws, court decisions and literature. Currently LeReTo has two tools available – an Online Viewer and a Word Plugin. Both versions come with an attachment convolute function, which allows the automatic download of the original document and all the sources cited within. So you get ONE smart document – ready to revise before an upcoming court hearing, to share with colleagues or send to your client.


Blockstone is a public policy research organization whose mission is to promote growth and innovation in blockchain technologies and deliver learned insight into the salient regulatory, financial, and technological issues facing related industries. Our goal is to foster a greater public understanding of the blockchain and public-key cryptography and find ways to beneficially utilize these technologies in payment systems, financial markets, legal contracts, and other practical purposes.

IJ International Legal Group

We are a company specialized in developing legal tools for Lawyers, Law Schools and Supreme Courtss. We provide constant processing of legal content, seeking to contribute to the dissemination of Latin American Legal knowledge. Pioneer in the use of new technologies applied to the Latinamerican Law market, we provide different solutions for professionals, the academic world and legal institutions. IJ Editores,, Lex-Core and Wolap.

Legal Science, LLC

Legal Science, LLC (LS) supports legal researchers and policy advocates in better tracking and evaluation of law. Our software creates legal data with the support of machine-learning to provide customers with insights into policies, regulations and laws affecting their business decisions and customers.The company is founded on the principles of Policy Surveillance – the systematic, scientific tracking of laws of public significance. is a chatbot that uses a patent pending technique, called Wakili Logic™ enabling it to process Point In Time statute Accuracy (PITIA) leaving you confident that the legislation you are applying is up to date. Wakili means 'Lawyer' and pitia means 'pass through' in Swahili. Lawyers need that extra, high level layer of confidence that the laws relied in their opinions, submissions or judgments are up-to date.

Amicus ALJ

Amicus is a small charity that helps provide representation for those facing the death penalty in the United States. We believe the death penalty is disproportionately imposed on the most vulnerable in society, violating their right to due process and equal justice before the law. Our aims are to provide better access to justice and to raise awareness of potential abuses of defendants' rights.


RPX Corporation provides patent risk, defensive buying, acquisition syndication, patent and litigation intelligence, insurance and advisory services. RPX Search, the company's legal research tool, provides data on district court patent litigation, PTAB petitions, and ITC investigations, as well as analytics and insight on non-practicing entities and their litigation campaigns.